About Me

As a Marketing Consultant (specializing in public relations, marketing and graphic design) I provide clients, who may not need a full time, in-house public relations person, access to marketing expertise when needed.

What I can help you with

Communication with your consumers

  • Consumer newsletters
  • Media releases
  • Social media management
  • Management of your website content
  • Marketing/promotional material
  • Presentations
  • Community outreach
  • Marketing strategy and branding

What I bring to the table

Experience: I bring 15 years of public relations and design experience. This includes everything from working on retainer for large cooperative utilities, to designing logos for small startup companies. I create custom consumer newsletters, in-depth annual reports, customer guides, as well as design mailers, logos, shirts, billboards and all types of marketing material. I’m also experienced in managing websites, social media accounts, and handle overall public relations or outreach needs.

Knowledge of the area: I know the Upper, Middle and Lower Keys communities. Born and raised here, I understand the unique demographic that makes up the Florida Keys and South Florida.

Backup: I maintain great connections with others in the field of communications. I work with fantastic printers, web builders, editors, and co-designers – So, while I am one person, I have a team of supporters at my fingertips.

Benefit to you

Together we can professionally market your business, product, service or event. While I understand not every business needs to “market” itself like Coke or Pepsi does, solid communication with consumers is key to good customer service, and I can help you achieve this. With a quality Marketing Consultant on your team, you and your employees can focus on your business and leave the marketing to me. I give you the benefits of a big marketing department without the overhead and commitment.